Real estate
for retirement

Where to retire?

Retirement is the time for yourself when you’re not bound to small kids, their education or your office, it’s the time when you can choose your own lifestyle. Big cities and urbanizations, or at least most of them cannot offer you tranquility, access to nature and relaxing atmosphere. Thus, you’re free to find your dream place to spend your golden years.

Spain, South of France as well as Portugal are world famous retirement destinations, and we all understand the reasons for that – proximity to the sea and beaches as well as support structure, good healthcare, climate and a relaxed way of life. Of course, it mostly depends on the living standards you choose, it might be different in those countries, that’s also different from place to place within one country. So, for instance, Portugal and Spain are chosen due to lower cost of life and residence opportunities through real estate. France is a little bit more expensive, however it’s an attractive destination point as well and Global Retirement Index added it to the 10th place in the world rating, not to forget it’s in the middle of Europe with lots of opportunities to travel. And if we speak about Switzerland, it’s known for its safety and stability in all times, and diversity – there are not so many countries where people speak multiple languages. So countries are different, and that’s awesome, because we have a choice. Wherever you choose to go, we have a home for you.