Guide to buying property in the United States of America

Why buying property in the United States?

You will get a different answer be it a precious retirement goal, opportunity to help children to get world acknowledged education or to follow the tremendous career path. Thus the first thing is to answer this question and set a goal, this will allow you to define the right location and find the best offer.

With our property guide we want to provide you with specific details about property buying process and all the stuff around it:

  • best spots according to your purchase goals
  • peculiarities of the real estate markets in different regions and cities
  • ways to move money safely to the US
  • details and requirements about purchase process
  • property taxes when acquiring the house as well as ongoing taxes you will bear later on
  • mortgage opportunities from abroad
  • pitfalls of buying property in the US you'd better avoid
  • trends and forecasts for the US property market
  • practical advice and expert opinions from local real estate agents

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